Why Choose Us?

At Bit Genesis Software, we know that there are many options for our customers these days for creating a "web presence" for their business or organization.  They range from the relatively cheap "Do it Yourself" websites which offer boiler-plate templates and largely static content, to the companies who use graphic artists to produce stunning "eye candy" sites which are completely custom-designed for every business or organization which hires them.  As you might imagine, you typically pay significant costs for this type of service and in our opinion there is little evidence that this ultimately correlates to a dramatic increase in sales of your products, services or even repeat visitors to your site for that matter.

At Bit Genesis Software, our philosophy is to produce highly "Functional" sites for our customers which are not merely composed of stunning graphics and images, but instead contain the most useful information about your company and its services that a visitor or potential customers would be looking for.  Our sites typically contain the images and information which a potential customer would be asking you if they were talking to you in-person about your products or business.  We believe that in the end it doesn't matter how many visitors come to your site if you are not able to convert them into customers and keep them returning back to your site.  Otherwise, you have built nothing more than an electronic yellow pages listing, rather than a powerful showcase of your products and services which has enough information to convince potential customers to try them.

Our ultimate goal is for YOU (our customer) to achieve YOUR goals for your business or organization!  

In addition, our engineers have many years of experience working with the latest web technologies.  We are seasoned software engineers who have built numerous sites for our customers and also designed many web applications using internet technologies and programming languages such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, etc.  We do not merely use some off-the-shelf templating tools in order to build your site.  We understand how web technologies work and use templating technologies only when it makes sense in order to save you time and money, otherwise we write code when we need to.

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