Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration - Hubble Image
Social Media has become a significant part of many people's daily lives as evidenced by more than 800  million facebook users which now exist.  Facebook claims that more than 400 million of these users login to look at their accounts on a daily basis.  Google+ was a newcomer to the social media game, yet it now also boasts nearly 90 million users.  Even if you do not have a facebook or Google+ account, both of these sites have "business pages" and offer another option for showcasing your company and driving more customers to your own website.

Facebook offers their user's the ability to "Like" a posting, a photo or even more importantly YOUR business.  This has a viral effect, as each of their friends is notified that they now "Like" your company and your facebook business page, which in-turn drives even more of their friends to check out your facebook page and ultimately your company website.  

Bit Genesis Software has its own facebook business page and a corresponding "Like Us on facebook" widget which you can find at the bottom of our home page.  There is also a Google+ "+1" widget which you can find on our site at the bottom of the left navigation bar.  We encourage our customers to "Like" us on facebook and "+1" us on Google+, and you should be doing the same with your own customers.

To see a demonstration of how this works click on the "Like" widget (if you have a facebook account), or "+1" widget (if you have a Google+ account) below:

   facebook "Like" Widget  Google+ "+1" Widget


You can find us on Google+ at: Bit Genesis Software - Google+ Page
You can find us on Facebook at: Bit Genesis Software - Facebook Page

At Bit Genesis Software, we encourage our customers to utilize social media in order to drive more traffic to the their website and ultimately generate more new customers for their business. In addition, there are paid advertising options which we can set up for your company through facebook in a similar manner as that found in Google AdWords.  Talk to us today and make social media integration a part of your internet presence for your business.