Bit Genesis Software - Customer Sites
Below are examples of some of our client sites which range from simple, static content to those with advanced features and dynamic content.  Bit Genesis created these sites using content which was provided by our clients.  We provide tools, on-going support and continue to maintain the sites for our clients.

Small Business Example Site
Site   Description
Site: Mike Lind - Handyman Services
Description: Small business owner site for handyman services, which includes examples of his work, customer recommendations, web-based forms for obtaining quotes, customer feedback, electronic bill pay and a map of the services area.  This site also has analytics enabled to monitor site activity and utilizes Google AdWords.
  • Electronic/Online Bill Payment
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Online Customer Survey Form
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Site Activity Tracking and Reports

Charitable Organization Example Site
 Site            Description
Site: Friends of Michelle
Description: This site was created as a charitable site for a lady in Sammamish, WA who was in need of a liver transplant.  She was a champion of health care reform efforts and was featured in many news articles across the country.  Through her site we were able to collect more than 76 electronic donations exceeding $13,000 in contributions which were distributed to her and her family following her transplant operation.
  • Electronic/Online Payment/Donation
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Site Activity Tracking and Reports
Homeowner's Assocation Example Sites
Site Description
Site: Deerfield Homeowners Assocation
Description: This site has an online calendar, homeowner forms and tools, links for a homeowner's association located in Sammamish, WA which serves some 200+ homeowners.
  • Homeowner Forms (Painting, Roof Replacement Approval, etc.)
  • Google Voice Integration
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Soccer Field Reservation System

Site: Westside Heights Homeowners Association

Description: This site services a small homeowner's assocation located in Cle Elum, WA which contains about 100 lots and homeowners.  It is a basic "static" site which consists primarily of CC&R materials, a plat map, community links, etc.
  • Local Weather Maps
  • Links to Local & Regional Maps
  • Plat Map of the Development
  • CC&Rs, etc