Our Services

  • Domain Name Selection & Registration
  1. We assist with all aspects of domain name selection for your business or organization, using our considerable expertise to select the optimum domain name which will easily be found by your customers, search engines and advertising tools
  2. We register your domain(s) with an ICANN-acredited registrar and automatically renew the registration for you each year
To learn more about the nuances of selecting domain names, the long-lasting implications of choosing poorly and why this is such a critical decision for your business or organization, read our series of articles on Domain Name Selection starting with:

  • Email Account Setup & Configuration
  1. We create email accounts for your business or organization with email addresses within your registered domain such as: 
    • owner@mydomain.com
    • president@mydomain.com
    • bill.jones@mydomain.com
    • sales.manager@mydomain.com
These can be actual email accounts or they can be configured to forward to personal email account(s) of your choosing (without revealing your personal email info)
  1. We create email distribution lists for your business or organization with addresses within your registered domain such as:
    • staff@mydomain.com
    • management@mydomain.com
    • customer.service@mydomain.com

  • Google Voice Number & Message Transcription
  1. We request a Google Voice phone number for your business or organization.
  2. We configure your Google Voice account to forward calls to the personal phone(s) of your choosing (without ever revealing your personal phone numbers to your customers)
  3. We configure your Google Voice account to transcribe voicemail messages and immediately email them to the accounts of your choosing
  4. We (optionally) add a widget to your site which allows users to click a button and directly connect to you without them ever seeing any of your phone numbers
Google Voice allows you to "screen" incoming calls and automatically forward them to your home and/or cell phones.  The callers name and phone number are announced before you answer the call.  The caller NEVER sees your personal phone number(s). Should you choose not to answer, the callers are routed to voicemail where you can simultaneously listen-in on their voicemail message and connect to the caller if you so-choose.  All voicemails and automatically transcribed and sent to your email accounts as well as emails for any missed calls.
  • Web Site for Your Company or Organization with Services
  1. Bit Genesis Software will create a website for your business or organization.
  2. The site will vary in complexity based upon the content which you provide to us, your business needs and allocated budget for the project.
  3. At a minimum, any site which we create will contain the standard: Home, About Us, Contact Us and Business Location pages.
  4. We create a site index and submit it for your site such that the prevailing search engines can find your site and index your content.  We also run Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools on your site and make adjustments to improve your search results and page ranking.
  5. We enable Site Analytics and provide period reports to you so that you can see who is visiting your site, how they found it, how much time they are spending on your site, the geographic region in-which they are located, even information about the browser, computer type and screen resolution of your visitors.
See examples of Site Analytics Reports:  Site Analytics

  1. If you request a Google Voice number for your business or organization, we will integrate that into your Contact Us page, so that your visitors can click on a  button to reach you through the Google Voice service.
See Examples of our customer sites:  Customer Sites

  • Online Advertising Services
  1. If you already have a budget for online advertising, merely want to dabble a bit with online ads or just try it for the first time, we can help you.  Bit Genesis Software will work with you in order to create an advertising campaign and target your ads to match the keyword searches which are relevant to your business and within your monthly budget.
  2. We generate and review periodic reports which indicate how and when your ads are being rendered and who is clicking-through them to navigate to your site
  3. We help you set goals for how much you are willing to spend on advertising versus how much quantifiable results you expect to see in-return and review this periodically with our customers
  4. We can also help you create ads for some of the sites which do not charge every time someone clicks on your ad (such as Craig's List)

  • Social Media Integration (facebook, Google+, etc.)
  1. We can optionally create social media pages/sites for your business or organization on sites such as facebook and Google+.
  2. We add Google "+1" and facebook "Like" buttons to both your website and your facebook or Google+ pages which your visitors and customers can click upon
  3. We link your social media pages with your website so that visitors who find you via social media or recommendations can easily find your website and read much more about your business or organization.

  • Additional Services
  1. Some of our customers prefer that their own customers have the ability to pay their bills online through their website.  We provide integration with online bill pay services such as: paypal and Google Checkout for our clients if requested
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