Packages & Pricing

We offer just a few, simple packages and pricing models for our customers, ranging from entry-level to high-end custom work.  You can select one of our pre-configured, fixed-price packages (shown in the table below), or build your own custom package using our hourly rate.  If you are uncertain as to which option is the right one for your business, please contact us and we can help you choose the best option for you.  As a general rule of thumb we offer the following guidance to our customers:
  1. Are you looking to just "dip your toes in the water", get a real domain name for your business, some basic email and a very simple website for now?    In this case we would recommend the "Introductory Package", it is relatively inexpensive and you can always expand on it later as you see fit.
  2. Are you looking for something beyond a single page website, where you can showcase your company, it's products and services and also look at who is visiting your site, how they are finding it and how much time they are spending on it?   For this we recommend either the "Intermediate Package" or our "Premium Package".
  3. Do you plan on doing some internet advertising and would like to also have a social media presence on facebook and Google+ sites?   In this case we recommend our "Premium Package" or you can even talk with us about putting together a "Custom Package" for your business.
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Customer Support:
All of our packages include a low-cost, renewable yearly maintenance agreement which is billed to our customers credit card or paypal account on a monthly basis at $14.95 per month.  The maintenance agreement covers 24x7 site monitoring and reporting, catastrophic problem resolution such as site-down issues, broken links, etc.  It also includes periodic visitor and site analytics reports (if applicable to your site) and a yearly domain registration renewal.  

  Category Feature
     Price  $295  $595  $1,295  $55/hr
   Domain Name  Research available domain names
     Report domain name options & advice
     Purchase 1yr (renewable) domain
     Purchase additional domains & redirect
   Email Accounts  Domain email accounts (up to 10)
     Domain distribution lists (up to 10)
     Email archive account
     Additional account setup & changes
  Google Voice  Account creation
     Forwarding & notification setup
     Message transcription & email forward
   Website  One page website (see details below)
     Three page website
     Six page website
     Additional website updates & changes
   Google Places  Account creation
     Customized listing for your business
   Performance  Speed analysis of your site
     Mobile viewing analysis of your site
   SEO  Submit your site to Google
     Submit your site to Bing
     Create a customized sitemap for your site
   Analytics  Account creation
     Enable tracking on your site pages
     Enable tracking for non-Google site pages
     Monthly analytics performance report
   Social Media  Facebook business page
     Google+ business page
     Facebook "Like" button on your site
     Google "+1" button on your site
   Advertising  AdWords account creation
     Monthly performance report
   Online Bill Pay Paypal Account Integration
  Google Checkout/Wallet Integration