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Welcome to the Bit Genesis Software Corporation!
WelcomeAt Bit Genesis Software we utilize state-of-the-art internet tools and technologies to promote your small business, web site or organization.  We save you significant time, money, advertising costs and bring the effiiciencies, cost-savings and advantages of today's internet technologies directly to you.  

Our clients are typically small business owners and individuals who are interested in creating a commanding "web presence" for their business or company on the internet as opposed to just a simplistic, static "web site".  Most of our clients have little or no experience with the latest internet technologies, so we make it simple for them and custom tailor our designs in to meet their specific needs and requirements.

    Don't Know Where to Start? 
Contact us at Bit Genesis Software and request a free quote.  Tell us about your small business or organization for which you want to create a genuine, commanding "web presence" for and we will produce a proposal for you with a binding quote. 

    What Services Does Bit Genesis Software Provide? 
Bit Genesis Software can assist with nearly all aspects of domain selection, web site development and services for your small business or organization, including:
      1. Domain Name selection and registration
      2. Email Accounts using your domain name
      3. Google Voice number with forwarding and message transcription
      4. Web Site for your company with services and dynamic content
      5. Search Engine optimization so that users can easily find your site
      6. Analytics & Reports on the visitors to your site and traffic sources
      7. Advertising with Google AdWords and others..
      8. Additional Services such as: online bill pay, etc.
      9. Social Media integration with: facebook, Google+, etc.

Why Choose Bit Genesis Software?
There are many options for small business owners who merely want to  create a basic, static web site for their business or company.  At Bit Genesis Software, we have the right combination of experience, knowlege of the latest technologies and the ability to create a commanding "web presence" for your business which does MUCH more including: 
      • Driving new customers to your business
      • Increasing your sales, referrals and customer satisfaction
      • Minimizing your advertising costs 
      • Optimizing your site for internet search engines
  What can Bit Genesis Software do for You?
Are you familiar with the many nuances of choosing an optimum domain name which is most-appropriate for your business?  Will you know the difference of choosing wisely versus choosing poorly and what it will mean for your company or organization?  Do you know what the top-level internet domain types are and which one you should choose for your site and why?

Do you know the difference between a "functional" site with dynamic content versus a basic, static web site and why this matters?  Are you aware of the trade-offs of building an aesthetically pleasing site with lots of fancy graphics versus a clean and "functional" site?  Is your site "mobile-ready" (i.e. will render properly in a mobile browser)?  Do you have any idea what percentage of your visitors will find and navigate to your site via a mobile device (hint: the number is growing rapidly and is expected to exceed 20% of your search and site visitors in 2012...)

Do you understand how modern-day search engines find your site, index your content and rank it in their search results?  Do you know how to create sitemap for your website (which will greatly aid search engines and improve your overall search results performance)?  Do you know which factors will make the key difference in your site landing at the top of a user's search results as opposed to the bottom?

Are you familiar with analytics, how they work and how to enable them for your site?  Do you know how to determine who has visited your site, how often, for how long, how they found your site and the geographic location(s) of your visitors?  Do you plan to periodically review the analytics reports on your visitors and work on different strategies to convert "visitors" into actual "customers"?

Are you familiar with how internet advertising works and how it can be used to drive new customers to your site and your business?  Would you like to give your business a "boost" by posting your ads to users who are searching for services which your business provides?  Are you currently paying significant fees for "print" advertising which is not generating new leads and sales for your business?

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