Customer Case Studies

One of our recent customers was kindly enough to share their experience with us in creating their first "web presence" on the internet for their small business.  Basically, they were sold a "package deal" by one of the local phone book type companies which included a listing in their book as well as promises of a website and guarantees of so many visitors per month to their site and increased sales.  The cost was approximately $100 per month, which was partially waived if a certain number of visitors did not go to their website each month.  After about a year and some $1,200 later, our customer cancelled their contract and came to speak with us.  They were quite disappointed with (lack of) the results and felt as if they had just thrown their time and money "down the drain" so-to-speak.

At that point, we stepped-in and took a look at the website which had been built for their company.  In the end, we were not surprised that it had had little or no impact on the company's business.  Here are some of our observations (which we shared with the customer) as to why it had essentially been a failure:
  1. The website basically consisted of only 3-4 pages of static content without much more additional information than what was available in their phone book listing, essentially making it nothing more than an electronic version of their other listing.
  2. The customer's business was selling a service, yet there were very few examples of their work, previous jobs, customer recommendations or photos highlighting the quality work which their company performed.
  3. There were no electronic forms available for potential customers to fill-in in order to obtain more information, quotes, or schedule an appointment.
  4. The contact information on the site was sketchy at best, consisting of a cell phone number (posted directly on the website) and an unprofessional looking email address (of the form:  This was exacerbated by the fact that many calls to that cell phone number would go unanswered when they were out on a job and the email account was only checked occasionally for new email messages.
  5. Although the "phone book" company had promised so many visitors per month to their website, there was essentially no mechanism for them to confirm the actual numbers, no way to determine how much time the visitors actually spent on their site or how they even arrived there the first place (essentially ZERO Site Analytics...)
  6. There was no targeted advertising for their website or business, so only those potential customers who rifled through the phone book listing or its online version would actually find their site...
Unfortunately, we have found this customer's story to be very common these days.  Many companies offer promises of great results in order to get your business.  Often they are using boiler-plate website templates which do not really highlight the true strengths of your company.  

At Bit Genesis Software, we offer the following advice to our customers and potential customers:
  1. Do your research before you select a software company and make sure to see some examples from their existing customers (you can find ours on this website...)
  2. Do not let anyone take advantage of your inexperience (if you are not familiar with the internet and its technologies).  Ask questions and get explanations of the work being performed on your behalf until you are comfortable with your understanding of it.
  3. Set real, measurable milestones and establish how much money you are willing to spend in order to achieve them (for example, I will agree to spend up to $1,000/yr for advertising if in-return it generates 10 or more new customers...)