Site Analytics

At Bit Genesis Software we perform all the necessary steps in order to generate periodic Site Analytics reports for our customer sites.  Site Analytics are critical for determining who is visiting your site, how often they visit, how much time are the spending there, how they found your site, which pages they visited, your visitor's geographic location, what type of computer or browser they used and much, much, more.  We periodically review your Site Analytics reports and provide you with feedback and suggestions in order to get more visitors to your site, increase the time which your visitors spend there, return to your site more often and most importantly: to turn those visitors into customers!

Below are some sample Site Analytics charts from one of our customer sites.  Click on any of the thumbnail images or links to see more details for any of the reports.  Information about what is contained in the report can be found in the table to the right of the thumbnail image below.

Dashboard Report

 Provides summary analytics by date:
  • number of site visitors
  • average time on site
  • visitors by country
Content Page Views Report

 Provides detailed page view analytics:
  • number of views of each site page
  • number of page views by date
  • average page view duration

Browser & OS

 Provides detailed browser analtyics:
  • browser type for each visitor
  • operating system type

Engagement Report

 Provides detailed visitor information:
  • page view duration statistics
  • time on site statistics
Location Report

 Provides visitor geographic information:
  • country, state, city information for each visitor

Search Traffic

 Provides detailed search result information:
  • search results for visitors by keyword

Visitors Report

Provides summary of visitor information:
  • number of visitors to site