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Nearly $40B was spent on Internet Advertising in 2011 and according to some statistics the growth rate of internet ads is increasing at a rate of more than 30% per year.  Total revenues spent on Internet Advertising are expected to overtake TV Advertising shortly and become the largest segment of advertising media and show no sign of slowing down any time soon.  

If your business has a website or some other presence on the internet and you are not taking advantage of Internet Advertising then you are missing out on a significant opportunity to enlist new customers and expand the visibility of your company.

Internet Advertising is available in several forms including various classified sites, sponsored sites, but by far the most common form of Internet Ads are related to Searching such as Google's AdWords.

Here's a brief summary of how Search Engine based advertising works: Advertisers create online advertisements which are displayed whenever a user types certain keywords into the input field in order to perform a search. The advertisers link their ads to certain keywords or combinations of keywords which they believe are related to their business and the advertisements which they want to display. The ads are rendered over in a special area on the search results page which is reserved for "sponsored links". Only if a user clicks on an advertiser's sponsored link are they charged, and depending upon the keyword(s) entered they are charged a per click fee at that point.

For example, let's say that a user is looking for a handyman in Portland in order to perform some work on his house.  He types "handyman portland" into the search input field which produces the following search results (see image below).  The two areas which are delineated in red are the areas which contain "sponsored links" (i.e. paid advertisements).  The rest of the page contains (unpaid) search results returned by the search engine.  If the user were to click on any links in either of those sponsored areas, then the advertiser would incur a charge.  How much they are charged depends upon how many other advertisers are "competing" to show their ads when someone enters those keywords.  As you might imagine, there are some common keywords which are searched literally tens of thousands of times per day, and this is how you can get your advertisement (and your business) in front of many potential customers each and every day.

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Search Results - handyman portland

Utilizing these types of internet advertisements can help your business in several ways.  To begin with, if you are in a crowded market segment you may find it difficult (even with Search Engine Optimization) to get your site to show up on the first page of a user's search results.  In this case, the internet ads will get your site much greater exposure, even if users do not click on your ad directly, and again you do not incur any charges just to display your sponsored advertisement.

In addition, internet advertisements will increase the traffic to your company's website and can also have a side-effect of boosting your page rank within the non-sponsored search results.

In one example from our own customer sites, their business was getting extremely light traffic to their website and as a result very few new customer inquires.  So, we began with a small budget of approximately $15 per month for internet advertising.  This was so effective that our customer has since increased his monthly advertising budget four times over the last two years and each time has seen a proportional increase in traffic to his website as well as new customer inquiries.  Today, his advertisements have been displayed more than 100,000 times and he typically has 3-4 new visitors to his site each day and a couple of those each week who request his services.  Recently, he informed us that all the new business which was generated directly through internet advertising has resulted in more than $10,000 of revenues which he would not have otherwise seen.  Furthermore, he computed that it cost him less than 7% of that in advertising charges.

Now do you think that you might consider using internet advertising for your business?  Talk to us at Bit Genesis Software.  We can make it happen for you TODAY.

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